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Hi, I'm Lloyd Palum.

My students call me Prof. P., and with more than 30 years of experience in building data-intensive systems and teaching how to coax value from data at scale, I can help you crack the code and become more data-capable.

Let's unlock your data's value together!

How can I help you?

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Read what my students and clients have to say

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Jordan Pappas

Solutions Engineer @ Hightouch

Professor Palum has everything I look for in a mentor: knowledgable in his field, generous with his time, and, importantly, in tune with industry needs. Because of Prof. Palum’s course, I landed a Solutions Engineer position at Hightouch, a leading innovator in the Customer Data Platform. I can’t thank Prof. Palum enough.

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Anne L. Wakeman


We were looking for assistance on how to manage our software development. Lloyd listened. He quickly understood the software’s current state and what was desired for the future. I highly recommend Lloyd for his technical expertise, industry experience and supportive relationship management.

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Nina Long

SWE Intern @Intuit |

CS @ U of Rochester

Prof. Palum’s class on data-intensive applications was one of the best classes I've taken at UofR. Through his deep industry insights, he delivered practical advice on data analysis and ML workflows. The curriculum strongly emphasized applying data analysis skills to real-world problems—an aspect that I highly valued.